SW3AT is Jersey City’s 1st Infrared Sauna Studio located in Historic Downtown. The healing power of infrared heat therapy is a phenomenal option for holistic health proven to strengthen the immune system and provide relief from joint stiffness and muscle pain. It is also supportive of any fitness program as it aids in weight loss allowing you to burn up to 600 calories in only 30 minutes and detoxifies bodies from some of the toughest most harmful toxins. Our clients get the most exceptional value as we feature top of the line 360 degree heat omitting saunas made from natural hemlock wood. Each private suite comes equipped with a towel cooler filled with lavender infused towels, luxury bamboo antibacterial towels and each sauna has a built in bluetooth system to ensure comfort and relaxation during your session. Chromotherapy is an added benefit, providing the option to experience color therapy throughout the session.

Jersey City resident, Alyza Brevard-Rodriguez started SW3AT. The company began as a fitness apparel line in 2015 but evolved into a sanctuary catered to health and wellness now known as SW3AT Sauna Studio. As an active duty Navy Veteran, she has always had a passion for fitness. Inspired by a spouse that isn’t a fan of running and grandparents with joint pains, she came across saunas as a solution to all of their problems. SW3AT was birthed on the ideology that regular sauna use has at least one significant benefit for every client. Whether you are a young athlete in search of natural fitness recovery methods, a middle aged person looking to lose weight or an older individual in search of relief from joint pains; all ages love SW3AT.

The primary missions of SW3AT Sauna Studio and Owner, Alyza is to give back to the community she serves. This is done by utilizing MBE/VBE/WBE for all of her contracting and equipment needs. Models involved in all marketing material are local members of the community and the studio photography decor was shot by a Jersey City artist. SW3AT strives to be a direct representation of the community and an advocate for all things health and wellness.