What is Infrared Heat?

Infrared is a type of energy. The sun generates infrared heat through the combustion of gases, and the infrared energy passes heat directly through space to warm the surface of the earth. When infrared waves touch a surface, heat energy is released regardless of the surrounding air temperature so even on a cold day, objects and people are warmed by the heat radiated by the sun

Is it safe?

Although infrared energy is powerful, it is so safe that it has been used in hospitals for decades to warm newborns.

Is this the same as a steam room?

Steam room heat is produced by rocks that heat the air which raises your bodies surface temperature. Users often find this to be an uncomfortable experience because they are unable to breathe or withstand the treatment for a lengthy period. Unlike steam rooms, infrared saunas heat objects not air, making the procedure comfortable and deep penetrating to remove harmful toxins at a cellular level. Some of these toxins and heavy metals include mercury, lead, aluminum, and cadmium. Toxic metals enter your body through eating, drinking, inhaling, and skin contact. Far Infrared Saunas (also known as thermal energy) penetrate up to 1- 2 inches below your skin to revitalize your cells and detoxify. Without a deep SW3AT, most of these metals sit in our bodies, causing adverse effects down the line.

How do I prepare for my session?

Plan to arrive 15 minutes before your session time starts. After completing our one-time waiver, you will be escorted into your private suite. Your session is 45 minutes long, and you will have 10 minutes after your session ends to dress and vacate the room. Each room is equipped with a towel cooler for you to freshen up. It is recommended you drink at least 8 ounces before and at least 16 ounces after your session. Water is provided in the waiting area and inside your suite for your convenience.

What should I wear?

Feel free to wear loose/tight fitting clothing, a bathing suit, or just undergarments. Please make sure to wrap yourself in the towel provided.

What if I feel dizzy or sick?

Open the door to the sauna to allow fresh air inside. The sauna will cool down quickly once the door is opened. If you continue to feel uncomfortable after a few minutes, please discontinue your session, slowly vacate the sauna and sit down outside of the sauna for a bit. Bells are provided in each suite in the event you are in need of a staff members assistance.

How often should I come in?

The more time you spend in the sauna, the better as most of us do not SW3AT enough! With daily use of antiperspirants and lack of cardio, we stop our body from needed perspiration. With that said, the frequency will depend upon your health and wellness goals. We recommend at least two (2) times a week and 4-5 times for more aggressive results. If on a weight loss or detox plan, four (4) times a week is recommended. Infrared sauna therapy is also ideal after massage or chiropractic visits.

Do you have showers?

No, we do not provide showers because your body is still releasing toxins after your sessions end. We recommend not showering for up to an hour and using the restroom after your session to ensure maximum release of toxins. We recommend that you bring fresh clothing and/or undergarments to change into after your session.

What are the age requirements?

You must be 18 or older to utilize the saunas unless accompanied by a parent/guardian.

Where do I park?

Street parking is available in the downtown area. There is a municipal parking lot behind the building and a lot on Christopher Columbus Blvd.

How do you clean the saunas?

After each session, the sauna is cleaned using all natural antibacterial and disinfecting cleaning agents. At the end of the day, each sauna undergoes a thorough cleaning for the next day.

What is your policy on electronics?

We encourage the silence and relaxation infrared saunas provide! But electronics are permitted inside the saunas as Infrared heat will not damage them. We ask that you, please use headphones so that other clients are not disturbed in their sessions. SW3AT Sauna Studio is not responsible for electronics damage from moisture.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you are unable to make your appointment, please cancel at least 24 hours prior via the online system or by calling the studio. Sessions that are not canceled in this manner are subject to the charge of half the session cost.