SW3AT is a Premier Infrared Sauna Studio located in Jersey City & Hoboken.
The healing power of infrared heat therapy is a remarkable holistic health option with scientifically proven benefits and one of the fastest growing wellness remedies! 

With 2 centrally located facilities in Jersey City & Hoboken, steps away from the PATH train, our clients receive an unmatched value as our premium private suites feature top of the line low EMF saunas made from natural hemlock wood, equipped with an assortment of amenities, curated with thought.To ensure comfort and relaxation during your session, each sauna has a built in bluetooth system for your music or audio book pleasure. 

How it all started

SW3AT was founded as a fitness apparel line in 2015 but evolved into a sanctuary catered to health and wellness now known as SW3AT Sauna Studio. Owners, Alyza & Tamiah Brevard-Rodriguez, birthed SW3AT with the ideology that frequent sauna use has at least one significant wellness benefit for every type of client. It is truly the universal wellness tool.

What we are here for

As the company grows, the owners of SW3AT are committed to staying on course with their values. Community engagement and supporting marginalized communities is crucial to their business model. SW3AT strives to be a direct representation of the community and an advocate for all things health and wellness.

Mission Statement

SW3AT was intentionally designed to provide both quality performance products and a safe, inclusive space for all people working on achieving their health and wellness goals using holistic methods.

Vision Statement

Empowering people and communities through wellness and philanthropic efforts that support our core values of inclusion, wellness, and positivity.