The salt opens up the nasal passages improving conditions such as:
• Asthma
• Allergies
• Sinus congestion
• Helping you to breath
• Boost Immunity


CBD Aromatherapy

Treat a wide variety of health problems such as:

• Headache Relief
• Anxiety
• Calm & Relaxation
• Renew Energy
• Uplift Mood



This add on allows you to add a second person into your session to share the sauna with. This is Great for:

• Friends
• Date Night
• Accountability Partner


Eucalyptus Aromatherapy

Benefits of Eucalyptus

• Silences a cough
• Clears your chest
• Disinfect wounds
• Control blood sugar
• Ease joint pain



Need a great gift idea?  We have you covered!

• Birthdays
• Anniversaries
• Thank You Gifts
• Available in varied amounts.


*Add-ons can be added, while booking one of your sessions.

“Burn up to 900 calories in one session!”