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  •   Cant believe it's taken me this long to check out SW3AT -- it was awesome, and I'll def be returning! Facilities were really clean, the equipment worked well (Bluetooth speakers during a sauna session ... who knew?!), staff was warm, friendly and helpful. Go see for yourself!

    thumb Nicole D.

      I'm so glad I got to go check out your space. I really felt amazing after my sweat session. You had the settings so perfect. I've been knowing about infrared and it's benefits for about 10 years. I've been a few places recently and felt like something was off. You had the settings perfectly timed.  The temp adjusted as your time went on. On top of that you have the option of light therapy. The Bluetooth option was nice, i got to listen to my music. The cooler with the water and towels The place was clean, great vibe once you enter into the studio.  Great location! I will be back every time im in town!
    P.S. I owe you a ponytail. I forgot to bring one, but lucky for me you thought of that too

    thumb Diane D.
  •   I just had my first sweat session and I LOVED it!! The personalized room and sauna are amazing! I have done other infared saunas and sweat beds in NYC and this by far has been the best experience. The facility is clean, the staff is friendly, and the cool towels and water in each room was a hit! I also loved the chromotherapy option in the sauna! I feel amazing and revitalized!

    thumb Jorie L.

      5/5 Experience! 5/5 Staff! 5/5 OVERALL! You will NOT be disappointed! Conveniently located by the PATH train as well! It's time to SW3AT!

    thumb Kyle M.
  •   So I found this place on Yelp accidentally. I was looking the black owned business tap trying to find a restaurant when I came across this spot.....I'd been wanting to use a sauna for months but all the gyms were closed and when they did reopen saunas and steam rooms are still off limits. So I was ecstatic to find this place and see that they were open for business. So I called to double check and ask a few questions. I made an appointment for the next day and went. To my surprise and relief the place was super clean and quiet. The perfect relaxing environment. You get your own private room with a sauna booth in it for 1 hour. When I was done I felt so relaxed and refreshed!! I will definitely be back and I'll telling everyone I know about this place!!

    thumb Raven O.

      I discovered this studio last winter when I was searching for a clean, therapeutic place to relax and detox. I HIGHLY recommend it if you are like me, and struggle with seasonal affective disorder. It gives me a sense of well being that lasts for days and has also helped me improve my sleep. Bonus, the studios are beautiful!!!

    thumb Heidi C.
  •   I visited this place first when it reopened during COVID and more recently. I'm definitely new to infrared sauna sessions and i loved it. Nothing like your own hot box to sweat out life's stressors.  I love the fact that the sauna box has its own radio inside that you can connect your phone to listen to music.  It really brings out the relaxing experience to be able to have a sound of your choice. I typically come out drenched and feeling detoxed.  The facilities are very clean and they provide towels and water as well which is needed.  I would definitely return as it is such a relaxing experience.  Definitely
    a gem in Jersey City.  I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 only because the first time i went the person working told me to press the button to start it when i got in the box.  The times i've gone after that the person pressed the start button for me  as soon as i walk into the room so i end up wasting some of the session time taking my clothing off and getting prepared for the session.

    thumb Quiana W.

      I visited during COVID and felt very safe. The studio was clean and everyone was social distanced with masks. Overall, I really enjoyed the experience! It was very accommodating and relaxing. The staff were very friendly. I would highly recommend for anyone interested in infrared sauna experiences. I will definitely be back.

    thumb Vanessa R.
  •   Love this place. Staff is always friendly but they really aren't needed much since, outside of keeping the place clean and checking you in, they just set you up with your infrared sauna and then you have an hour of silence (or music. Or reading. I always bring a book in the sauna, don't judge). They give you two bottles of water and cool scented towels for afterwards. My only small critique is that the staff should probably proactively offer the option of unscented towels for anyone who is sensitive to that (I am not one of those people but have many friends/clients of my own who are)!

    The Jersey City location is convenient for anyone near the pedestrian plaza (or "promenade," whatever we're calling it now). Go check them out!

    thumb Stacey L.

      Don't wait!  Just come today...walk up 2 flights of stairs to your own private sauna.  Enter in and you will have the pleasure of meeting Lexi who is amazing.  They have bluetooth to listen to your own music, cold towels to cool off with, regular towels to dry off with and bottled water to refresh with.  After one visit, I purchased the monthly package so I could make the committmet to myself in coming in the regular- for health and relaxation reasons.

    thumb Jackie F.
  •   Doing seated glute, hamstring and neck stretches in their saunas not only aids in muscle recovery, but paired with the aromas from the essential oils, is therapeutic for my mental health as well. A very meditative experience with a helpful staff. Happy to support such diverse group and would tell anyone looking for a meditative experience or simply sore after a hardcore workout to swing by.

    thumb Alexis W.

      Had a great experience here. Staff is super friendly, place is very clean, very accommodating all around. Definitely recommended!

    thumb Joe C.
  •   This place is awesome.  The person who greeted me couldn't be sweeter or more helpful.  The private room was great, and I was able to hook up to bluetooth and listen to some calm relaxing tunes.  Everything was very clean, the sauna was very comfortable and allowed for me to change the light color to make my experience even more relaxing.  This was the perfect stress relief - and I actually did it in the middle of my work day and returned to work relaxed.  I will absolutely be going back - next time to try the halotherapy add on

    thumb Tanya M.

      My partner and I went to Sw3at Sauna during one of the coldest days in Jan 2022. This was our third visit for an Infrared Sauna Tandem Session.

    Since we already paid online prior to arriving, we only needed to wait a few minutes so staff could thoroughly clean and disinfect our personal sauna room. Once the room was ready, we were called in to begin our session.

    For prior visits (pre-pandemic), there was infused water (mint and cucumber, I believe) in the waiting room, which was a nice touch. This was not the case for our latest session, I'm assuming due to the pandemic, which is understandable.

    The staff member gave us a refresher on how the sauna works, which was appreciated.

    In addition to the sauna, the room contained cold water bottles, dry towels, cold face towels and a hamper.

    We began our session and were quickly moisturized with sweat. Breathing the hot sauna air at 135 degrees has a host of health benefits, especially during colder months. They have Bluetooth speakers in the sauna so you can listen to music from your phone while sweating.

    After our session ended, we felt rejuvenated, like we had just been through a workout. The health benefits are immediately apparent. We will definitely be back and would recommend.

    thumb Kiyana B.
  •   Very clean, staff is friendly and efficient.
    Towels are provided for time in the sauna and cold towels in the mini fridge when you get out is perfect.
    Highly recommend.

    thumb Cara P.

      Hungover? Sore? Or just under the weather? This is the place for you. I have always loved saunas but I hate being in a room with a bunch of people... Sw3at has the right idea! Private rooms so I can get my sweat on in all its ugly glory no judgement from anyone else! The studios are immaculate clean and the vibe is just so good in there. the staff is so friendly and knowledgeable. Love this place highly recommend!!

    thumb Dominique D.
  •   A very nice experience. I've been to infrared sauna places before, but this is definitely one of the nicer ones I have visited. Conveniently located in downtown Jersey City too--it's only a few minutes away from the Grove Street PATH train. I will be back for sure!

    thumb Emily C.

      This lovely oasis provided me an amazing place to sooth my nerves and disconnect from the noise and tension of the city. I was in NYC to care of my dad. It was a very stressful time. So much so that the simplest of tasks was fraught with tension.
    My sister from another mister recommended this place and I listened. It was so easy to get to. The one Tran to 34 th street then a quick ride on the path train. Easy peezy. Greeted by a sweet, calm and knowledgeable staff member. Then brought into a room that instantly released so much tension. I dug my toes into the sand and breathed in all that salty air and couldn't help but  walk around in this cool lovely sand. It felt so grounding. I meditated and just melted away.
    Then after the salt room I did the amazing sauna that allowed me to sweat out all the toxins. Loved all the lovely perks. Like the aroma therapy and the cold water bottles. Thank Alyza' you are amazing and this is exactly what people need to let go and decompress.

    thumb Roxanne Q.
  •   Finally got to try this place out through Class Pass (12 Credits). Only taking off a star for value because I think the number of credits to use to come here was pretty steep.

    I enjoyed my 45 minute session. I expected this to be an average sauna session, but after a spin class this was everything I needed. Relaxing, revitalizing, peaceful. They provide clean towels, water, cold towels with some essential oils on it.

    Will hopefully be back when I can afford to spare some Class Pass credits.

    thumb Samantha C.

      SW3AT lives up to its name.

    I visited SW3AT during the holiday season to release some of those holiday toxins and had an amazing experience. I played some meditation music and vibed out since you can bring your phone inside.

    After my experience, I felt like a new person. The entire experience was warm, welcoming, CLEAN, and comfortable. I will definitely visit more regularly for relaxation and health maintenance!

    thumb Lindsey W.