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Redeem Points For These Rewards
Yoga Carry Strap
6,000 Points

This sturdy and simple yoga mat strap from Yogamatters allows you to swing your yoga mat over your shoulder or carry it easily across your chest. It also doubles up as a yoga strap.

D-Ring Yoga Belt
8,000 Points

Mainly used to extend and lengthen reach, there are countless ways to use a yoga belt to enhance your yoga postures. With an easy to use metal buckle that allows you to adjust the length of the belt and safely secure it in place. Made from 100% natural cotton.

Eye Pillow
10,000 Points
Ideal for relaxing during savasana, blocking out light and putting a little pressure on to the front of the eyes to send messages to the brain to relax body and mind.
Yoga Bricks Pair
14,000 Points
Bricks are ideal for adding lift or grounding in all manner of poses. They can help stabilise and add height in standing and balancing poses or can be placed between the knees to activate the outer leg muscles.
Yoga Mat
25,000 Points

This sticky mat is the best value non-slip yoga mat in town – hence why you see this mat in yoga studios everywhere.

Eco-Friendly Water Bottle 20,000 Points

A sleek, eco-friendly re-usable water bottle. The double wall and made from 18/8 grade stainless steel with vacuum insulation and a copper plated inner wall means your drink can stay hot for up to 12 hours or cold for up to 48 hours, volume capacity is 500ml.

Yoga Bolster
42,000 Points

This round bolster from Yogamatters is a staple prop for restorative yoga. The cylindrical shape makes it perfect for placing underneath knees to release the lower back and alleviate tension throughout the body.

Yoga Starter Pack
45,000 Points

The perfect kit to get started with yoga gear. Includes: yoga mat, mat strap, brick and belt

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30 Points
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300 Points
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