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The Journal of the American Medical Association has confirmed that regular use of an infrared sauna can be compared to exercising, burning over 600 calories in just 30 minutes! That means with our standard sessions of 45 minutes you’re able to burn up to 900 calories! This holistic approach is an excellent option for anyone looking to supplement their fitness program



Infrared heat warms the muscles providing relief from joint stiffness or arthritis, muscle pain after exercise, and chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia. This is beneficial for athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike looking to enhance their performance, reduce inflammation and increase flexibility.



The radiant heat from infrared sauna use raises your core temperatures causing your body to produce more white blood cells to fight off infection. Studies have shown that people who regularly utilize infrared sauna therapy are more than 65% less likely to catch a cold, the flu, or other infectious diseases.


Infrared sauna use improves skin tone, elasticity, and texture. Increased blood circulation has also been shown to help improve dry skin, acne, psoriasis, eczema, and many other skin conditions. SW3AT-ing vigorously opens up your pores, eliminating waste products and impurities such as bacteria, dirt, and oil.


Infrared sauna usage detoxifies the body as it releases environmental pollutants, BPA from plastic and cancer causing heavy metal such as aluminum, mercury, lead, and cadmium. These toxins are absorbed from simple daily acts such as eating fish (Mercury), using deodorant (Aluminum), and inhaling first or second hand cigarette smoke (Cadmium). This is an effective alternative to removing toxins as they can only be excreted from the body through urination and SW3AT.


Heat omitted from the infrared saunas help to relax muscles and relieve tension allowing you to feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and refreshed. Our private suites are the perfect personal space to meditate and de-stress.

CBD Aromatherapy
Treats a very wide variety of health problems
The salt opens up the nasal passages improving conditions

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  •   Had a great experience here. Staff is super friendly, place is very clean, very accommodating all around. Definitely recommended!

    thumb Joe C.
  •   Cant believe it's taken me this long to check out SW3AT -- it was awesome, and I'll def be returning! Facilities were really clean, the equipment worked well (Bluetooth speakers during a sauna session ... who knew?!), staff was warm, friendly and helpful. Go see for yourself!

    thumb Nicole D.
  •   Very clean, staff is friendly and efficient.
    Towels are provided for time in the sauna and cold towels in the mini fridge when you get out is perfect.
    Highly recommend.

    thumb Cara P.
  •   Love this place. Staff is always friendly but they really aren't needed much since, outside of keeping the place clean and checking you in, they just set you up with your infrared sauna and then you have an hour of silence (or music. Or reading. I always bring a book in the sauna, don't judge). They give you two bottles of water and cool scented towels for afterwards. My only small critique is that the staff should probably proactively offer the option of unscented towels for anyone who is sensitive to that (I am not one of those people but have many friends/clients of my own who are)!

    The Jersey City location is convenient for anyone near the pedestrian plaza (or "promenade," whatever we're calling it now). Go check them out!

    thumb Stacey L.
  •   My partner and I went to Sw3at Sauna during one of the coldest days in Jan 2022. This was our third visit for an Infrared Sauna Tandem Session.

    Since we already paid online prior to arriving, we only needed to wait a few minutes so staff could thoroughly clean and disinfect our personal sauna room. Once the room was ready, we were called in to begin our session.

    For prior visits (pre-pandemic), there was infused water (mint and cucumber, I believe) in the waiting room, which was a nice touch. This was not the case for our latest session, I'm assuming due to the pandemic, which is understandable.

    The staff member gave us a refresher on how the sauna works, which was appreciated.

    In addition to the sauna, the room contained cold water bottles, dry towels, cold face towels and a hamper.

    We began our session and were quickly moisturized with sweat. Breathing the hot sauna air at 135 degrees has a host of health benefits, especially during colder months. They have Bluetooth speakers in the sauna so you can listen to music from your phone while sweating.

    After our session ended, we felt rejuvenated, like we had just been through a workout. The health benefits are immediately apparent. We will definitely be back and would recommend.

    thumb Kiyana B.
  •   Doing seated glute, hamstring and neck stretches in their saunas not only aids in muscle recovery, but paired with the aromas from the essential oils, is therapeutic for my mental health as well. A very meditative experience with a helpful staff. Happy to support such diverse group and would tell anyone looking for a meditative experience or simply sore after a hardcore workout to swing by.

    thumb Alexis W.
  •   This lovely oasis provided me an amazing place to sooth my nerves and disconnect from the noise and tension of the city. I was in NYC to care of my dad. It was a very stressful time. So much so that the simplest of tasks was fraught with tension.
    My sister from another mister recommended this place and I listened. It was so easy to get to. The one Tran to 34 th street then a quick ride on the path train. Easy peezy. Greeted by a sweet, calm and knowledgeable staff member. Then brought into a room that instantly released so much tension. I dug my toes into the sand and breathed in all that salty air and couldn't help but  walk around in this cool lovely sand. It felt so grounding. I meditated and just melted away.
    Then after the salt room I did the amazing sauna that allowed me to sweat out all the toxins. Loved all the lovely perks. Like the aroma therapy and the cold water bottles. Thank Alyza' you are amazing and this is exactly what people need to let go and decompress.

    thumb Roxanne Q.
  •   A very nice experience. I've been to infrared sauna places before, but this is definitely one of the nicer ones I have visited. Conveniently located in downtown Jersey City too--it's only a few minutes away from the Grove Street PATH train. I will be back for sure!

    thumb Emily C.
  •   I discovered this studio last winter when I was searching for a clean, therapeutic place to relax and detox. I HIGHLY recommend it if you are like me, and struggle with seasonal affective disorder. It gives me a sense of well being that lasts for days and has also helped me improve my sleep. Bonus, the studios are beautiful!!!

    thumb Heidi C.
  •   SW3AT lives up to its name.

    I visited SW3AT during the holiday season to release some of those holiday toxins and had an amazing experience. I played some meditation music and vibed out since you can bring your phone inside.

    After my experience, I felt like a new person. The entire experience was warm, welcoming, CLEAN, and comfortable. I will definitely visit more regularly for relaxation and health maintenance!

    thumb Lindsey W.

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